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  • You’re about to face your greatest challenge.
  • You’re clear that this will change everything for you.
  • You’re unsure of how you’re going to breakthrough to the otherside…
  • You’re struggling with having enough…money, confidence, support, time and courage.
  • You’ve gone to your usual support and although you trust them, you know they can only offer what they know from their perspectives.
  • You’re preparing yourself to dig deep... to go to the ends... to push yourself through your challenges...

What if...

  • Instead of burning all your energy in seeking the ‘right steps’, you had a reliable method you could use at any time, for any challenge?
  • You had a mental construct that transformed anxiety, uncertainty, and fear into confidence, clarity, and aligned action?
  • You knew a reliable method that took you under 15 minutes to do and shifted your mindset immediately?
  • You had your own mental construct, so that no matter what was happening in your environment, you had a fail safe method for answers, support and courage?
  • You knew how to connect the desires in your heart with the logic in your brain?
  • You could know, trust, and remain connected to who you really are with each step in your life.

Success On Fire Academy is Here For YOU.
Your Success Is Our Mission.

You can easily learn this method and use it for yourself any time, any place, and during any challenges.

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Success On Fire™ Academy is dedicated to showing you how to use your power, based on a fusion of science, psychology and spirituality, to ignite your successes on your terms. We pride ourselves in playing active and supportive roles with our clients, businesses, and communities so that the human endeavor becomes aligned with understanding and influencing human experiences from a place of power not force.


Just as wars can only be won by choosing peace, success can only be achieved by finding heart.  To find your heart, your why, your greater life purpose, it requires you to look inside yourself and have the right tools to support your exploration to do so.  At Success On Fire™ Academy we deliver exceptional value by building synergistic partnerships, where your heart and ours thrive together with your success.

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Our Clients Love Us & So Will You!

I love Success On Fire’s™, Inner Navigation System, the foundation of the training! Sometimes after using it, my relationships change immediately! This seems to work instantly and I totally love it.

Success on Fire’s Core training can be helpful in many many businesses. I can see people using it for manifesting goals, developing team, enhancing management communication, realizing goals for non-profits, and so many more options!

Success on Fire™ is a very original and cool concept! It can help people to transform their lives and businesses in a deep and profound way with lasting success.

Dr. Ellen De Lange Ros
The Inner Navigation Centre (INC) foundational tools that I learned from the Success on Fire program have helped me immensely in both my career development and business interactions.

Without this process I would not have advanced as far in my career as I have. I found a foundation, that I use time and again, that works unlike anything else out there. I have the freedom to create my life and work so I thrive, doing what I love, while being in love with my personal life. I recommend Success on Fire to anyone no matter what his or her occupation or situation. The INC system alone is well worth the cost of admission. This is a simple process that can be easily used anytime anywhere to help both professional and personal development.

Andrew Carter